Sunday, February 21, 2010

Be Stupid

Today I was going through my one of my favorite fashion magazine Harper's Bazar and I saw great ad for Diesel . Diesel is well known for amazing concepts for their ads i remember one with an amazing images from couple of years ago about global warming. they are go for amazing catchy imagery . Im absolutely in love this campaign , it is very fun and very fashionable and i love the message that they are sending ... for me it is simply to have fun, taking risk , not think too much . Life these day is very stressful and we worry about everything in life . it is time to change our lifestyle . let us make mistakes and knowing how it feels even to do something. it is better than knowing . It is All about putting yourself out there and that i guess the most important message at least to me .A simple stupid idea could be the next big thing .
What i also admire the text in the ads im sucker for quotes, so i absolutely loved all the text and the way it was presented in way that i like in bold type and big size .. the type took alot of space in ad and choice of color was bold too . it was deep red, or bright blue or yellow it works amazing with their concept

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Tali said...

I laughed so much at the photographing the watermellon on the truck one!! Great campaign!!