Thursday, June 10, 2010

So i bought more make up ..........

I picked up few things through out the last few weeks , I got ...
1.Chanel bronze universal which totally in love with. it is so natural on my skin  it blends in beautifully . however i used it only as i bronzer on my cheeks but i really want to try to use it  as a base .
2. boots vanishing cream that i hared so much about from Tali ( I love her taste ) that she has sensitive skin too, so it was no brainer to get when it was on sale in boots for three pounds , I used it few time and i really like it , but Im loyal to my Cetaphill Lotion .
3. too faced candlelight , I have been looking for a good powder high lighter for ages , I know that alot of people like The Mac MSFs but evertime i go to check them out i panic .. all i see the shimmer , for me it is too much . but too faced candlelight it is translucent powder with nice rush of gold highlight . it is amazing I have been using it ever since i got it .
4. maybelline soft and full mascara ,  there is nothing special about this mascara compare to my lancome hypnose which is my favorite .

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