Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer ,I need healthy skin

Summmmer is here , I waited so long for june, it was really cruel winter in the Uk, which makes miss home even more  (Palestine). I have been away form my blog due to a lot of uni work . however, I fully committed  to keep updating as much as I can .
Healthy Skin , everyone is trying to get it , but for me it is extra hard because I have very sensitive skin that it is easily gets irritated and up top of that i have really bad acne . Finding a product that works for my skin is not that big of a problem because there are so many products on the market and I am willing to spend the money on it , my skin is number one to me . however the problem with my skin is after using a product that might actually work for 4-6 weeks it backfires . it will just stop working for my skin  for some reason .
In April my acne got so bad, it would never go away . I was fed up from it and I hate covering it and caking foundation on top. so i decided to get back to basics , which actually what my  dermatologist recommended for me to use ages ago .

My skin care for this month was Cetaphill Cleanser and lotion , Oxy Anti-spot  blam,  7days scrub cream and my favorite thing now the body shop facial buffer .
This routine saved my life , is gentle enough on skin and powerful enough on my acne , I would use the scrub at night to remove my make up , then I would put of the cetaphill cleanser on the buffer  and massage on my face and it is s gentle. Next step I will apple very generous amount of the Oxy anti spot afterwords i will follow it with Cetaphill lotion which i use on my body too.  ..... and I am happy to say now Im acne free ....But Im not acne scaring free yet... I hope that this routine will fed it away .

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