Monday, September 6, 2010

Oily skin Rescue : Lancome PURE EMPREINTE MASQUE

I must say Im obsessed with finding good skin care products and maybe I tried too many that I can't tell difference or just I don't see it at all. but this mask has been in and out of skin care routine for 2 years  at some point .
This mask comes out as white cream it blend in the skin really easy however it dries really fast , it transforms in to hard rock clay mask . I really love that feel of the hard clay cause some how makes me believe that it is working. it should be left on the face from 5 to 10 minutes  . this mask purifying for deep cleansing and it really does what it says but I used it in many different ways First as a spot treatment ; when I have huge red spot I apply a tinny bit on it at night and in the morning the redness with disappear 
Moreover, I love to use it as face wash when i feel my skin is extra sensitive because it is purifying and b the clay factor in it makes my skin matt and has fresh feel .
But still the best way to use it as mask , if you have oily skin this is magical .In days when my skin is extra oily or has too many break outs I put it and I can see the difference as soon as I wash my face .Not only it washes away all the oils the affect of it stay on it keeps me clean and matt for at least another 12 hours for oily skinned people this might be magic .
But sometimes I cheat a little to get the most of the product. what I do is I apply it all over my face and neck and i sleep in it the morning my face feels like i just had a facial  no oil no red and it definitely   minimizes pores .


The Beautiful and Glammed said...

I've never trid this mask but after your post I definitely will be trying it! Loving your blog by the way :-) xxx

Sarah Edwina Rose said...

This sounds magical! I often find face masks to soften the face immediately, only to cause a breakout a few days later? Would love to give this a go