Monday, September 6, 2010

Stila illuminating tinted moisturizer SPF

After my good skin care challenge. Now I’m acne free, less oily and 70 % less scaring on my face. Naturally I'm enjoying my healthy skin . So, I'm trying not use foundation and embrace my natural skin but I also  love a little coverage so I’m trying out few tinted moisturizers or light foundations
The stila illuminating tint moisturizer is very sheer ( it is sheerer even than most tinted moisturizers) but it is full of light elective particles it makes the skin  glows (at least on my skin) .It is almost like apply golden highlighter all over but it look lovely . 

Pros : very natural on the skin ,
very glowy it will brighten up the face
your skin never dull when you are wearing it
it has SPF of 15
it stays on really well

Cons: it is too hot, it might come across as oily
It defiantly needs powder to set especially in the tee zone
( bare in mind I have oily skin ) .
it is very sheer , it hardly evens out the skin

I will keep using  this product only when I have really good skin day , when I don't feel like wearing 
too much make up .

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