Saturday, November 13, 2010

Haifa's make up

Haifa Wehbe is gorgeous Lebanese pop star I'm not really sure about her talents  But the women can pull off make up looks there is even a lipstick named after her . Haifa started as model , she got famous for her strong arabic smoking eyes that a great lebanese make up artist Bassam fattouh . She is the middle east baby doll everybody wants to look like her and she is admired by both women and men .
Bassam Fattouh became more and more famous with her getting more and more famous for her look . Now new launched his make up line and named a lipstick after her , his line as far I  as i know is available is must countries in the middle east.

Most of the make used on haifa is clarins, according to her make up artist . 
Check out her latest music video and how fab is her make up 

Another video by MissChievous
she did an amazing tutorials on one of her looks  

Another Make up video and much easier to do from tanya 

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