Thursday, November 25, 2010

New skin care items

I always love trying to new skin care and what I found out works best is products for sensitive skin although I have acne and scaring but it seems to work best .
So I have been trying these tow products for the past two weeks so far I love them both .
The frost one is A-derma EPTTELIAL A.H which is a cream for face and body for damaged skin . What I like about it it hydrates a lot with out a greasy feeling and repairs the skin .after using for tow weeks my skin feel less oily ( now it is diffenently normal skin ) scars and disappearing so that means less redness on cheeks which is my problem area .
A-Derma is french drugstore brand that targets very sensitive skin or treated skin my dermatologist recommend this brand few times for me when I was go throw extremely bad skin days .
The second product is lancome bienfait UV super facial sunscreen . Since I was 13 I have been applying sunscreen of my face and when I got older it became my obsession to find the perfect one . I found many but I love changing every now and then . This product is custom to sensitive skin and it is fast absorbing light weight,matt finish . Which makes it a perfect for me and it goes amazing under my make up . Oops did I mention that it is SPF of 50 and it protects from UVB and UVA .moreover it is great for holiday because it is water resistant .
What is your favourite face cream and sunscreen ?!

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