Tuesday, December 7, 2010

la roche posay Cleansing Gel

la roche posay is brand that I have seen in pharmacies around as far as I remember . This brand makes products for sensitive or treated skin which is great because the properties of the product  are actually really beneficial for the skin doesn't  irritate at all for a great price . Plus you can find them in drug store .
I have sensitive acne prone skin . After I tried every single acne cleanser on the market from clinque to proactive to neutrogena. I found out these cleanser are just too strong on any skin (even oily) . These product don't really help with spots and make the rest of my skin red or very dry . 
After a quick visit to dermatologist in USA, he recommend Cetaphil gentle cleanser which made complete sense who needs harsh properties on their face . Cetaphil is great cleanser but sometimes I think it doesn't remove make up very well. which me explore little bit with gentle cleansers. 
la roche posay Cleansing Gel is latest obsession it feels very soft on the skin and it melts away make up better than any other gentle cleanser  I have ever used . I like to use  it with my body shop facial buffer to make sure that all make up is removed and also it works as a gentle exfoliator . 
My skin is loving  this cleanser , it is very balancing . I am feeling the a difference since been using it . smoother, brighter , toned skin . :)  

what is your favorite gentle cleanser people ?! 

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