Thursday, April 7, 2011

Inspiration: miguel starcevich photography

Very Crazy and Avant-garde but I love ! we all need a little crazy every now and then.


AKoraiem said...

I actually don't get it much!... but does blogger allow half-nudity?? try making sure from the settings..

tamoorah said...

yes it does allow ! and I understand if you didn't get it !! sometimes I don't either but I love it for some reason

Sandra said...

(one interpretation) regarding the first ones i think it's oppression against women. the black rubber thingy can represent masculinity which manipulates them.

Another interpretation: the rubber comes from within them so it basically connects their inner-self with the outside world and other fellow women. It's a generalised unity (because their eyes are covered therefore their identity is hidden). I love photography that sends a message, the half nudity shouldn't be an outrage as it is a symbol of femininity. Although it has a sexual connotation...all these images express it :)