Friday, September 2, 2011

New skin care routine: step one removing make up .

like every other girl I hate it when I have break outs or acne . Making sure that you cleanse your face perfect should be your number one priority as it was mine when I use to get acne and scaring .

Step one :  removing your make up : for the longest time I thought cleansing your twice is enough to remove make up and for my skin to be ready for moisturizers or serums ! but boy I was wrong, getting a products that they made to remove make up made a huge difference to  my skin and differently I have less break outs ! 

La Roche posay Physiological Milk 
There is no secret  that La roche posay is one of the best skin car lines I ever tried . it never irritated my skin and it very cheap compare how good the products are , I call  it the the luxury of a drug store. 
I love love this cleansing milk because it is so gentle , has no smell it removes make up like magic . when I have layers of make up , I want something that removes it all gently with out my skin feeling tight or dry . I put tow pumps in hand and I massage it gently on my face and neck then I will move it either with a muslin cloth or just cotton wool. it has high powers in removing make up including water-proof .  
Pros : 1.suitable for  overly sensitive skin but I see it working for so many skin types .
2. Paraben free , Soap free, Alcohol free, no colorant
3. high make-up removal power. Removes water proof make-up. 
4. very affordable. 
Cons: you can't use it to remove eye make up.  

The other cleanser that I love to remove make up is 

Bioferma Crealine H2O : In Palestine you can find it in most pharmacies but when I was living in the Uk it was very hard to get it and I couldn't find in the US when I was there last month. 
it is cult product so many people and make up artist used this product for years . the frist time I heard about it was from pixiwoo sisters on youtube. I have been curious  about it ever since.
I must say this is hands down  it is the best eye/make up remover . it removes deeply all the traces of make up or dirt with out irritating my skin. I could keep putting on make up and removing it all day with out hurting my skin or feeling it tight  or redness for that matter. 
It's texture is exactly like water . it has no smell , I just soak it up with cotton wool and massage it on to my face . I do that twice and my face is totally cleansed . 
Pros: 1. suitable for all types of skin especially very sensitive skin.
2. it is very affordable . you get your money's worth 
3. you can use to remove water proof make up and eye make up .
4. easy to get your hands on it at least in the middle east . 

I honestly couldn't say anything bad about this make up remover . 

So many another company make almost the same product ( micelle solution) lancome, vichy , la roche posay and many others , but I am not sure they work as good as the bioderma .

What is your fav make up remover ?!!! 



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Yasmin said...

Great Post! I use loreal eye makeup remover,and I only use it on eyes since I don't put much makeup on the rest of my face.. and it works good for me,, I'll try the bioderma one soon inshallah :)