Monday, November 21, 2011

Versace for h&m

I must Say that I was super excited when I heard the news few months back about this collaboration. I loved Versace as far as I remembered. Especially all Gianni Versace original designs from the early 90's . When I saw the collection I got more excited because it was the best of Versace and it had that glamour of Gianni that miami  life style with big golden accessories and the amazing prints that I am obsessed with .

The collecting looked promising in the show, the best part it was available to everyone . On 17 November me and my mother at 9 am left to go to H&M Tel aviv . we arrived at 10 and the was only opened for 30 minuets . the line had about 70 people waiting . After tow hours of waiting a sales person came out and told me the collection was almost sold out ! I was mad because I really wanted the leather jacket .
However, I stayed in line for another hour ( line was too slow) and go in and H&M told us we have 5 minutes to pick out what we want. so I just grabbed whatever looked ok to me 

I  must say I loved the bags . very fabulous . so in five minutes me and my mother had to pick up few pieces. The purple dress which I picked out for me I liked it. after 3 hours of waiting I was luck to find one dress left. I normally wear size 34 to be safe I picked up 36 . The line for changing room was huge so I tried them for the first time at home . It was too small from bust area . and I wasn't thrilled with quietly too . The dress costs 600 ILS which is about 180$ .
After 48 hours of thinking I returned the dress . 

 The second dress I got for my sister , as soon as she tried it on the zipper ripped . so I had to return that too. again the quietly wasn't amazing for the price.

 However, I got the shoes and Thank god I did because I love them and they are right up my street .

I couldn't say no to Hot pink belt . 

 I got these leggings. they weren't my first choice but I like them 

 So all in all , The collection had really nice . Not a big fan of the dresses but everything else was great .
It was a fashion moment that I had to be part of .


Chedva @Rooms and Words said...

The shoes look fabulous! Good for you:)

Aline C. said...

Yea I felt the quality and it was pretty bad fr the price. Like yea it's not Versace expensive, but it's still not THAT cheap :/
The leather jacket was AMAZING!!!
i'm so glad you bought the shoes,they are so sexy :D