Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wood Mystique by Estee Lauder

Estee' Lauder is realeasing perfume exclusively for them middle east market . Estée Lauder Wood Mystique begins with brilliance as Rose Distilled and Peony petals wrap the dazzling spiciness of Pink Pepper. (..) Precious Rose de Mai Absolute, sourced from Grasse and extremely costly, blooms throughout the heart with exceptional clarity. A Rose Infusion imparts the earthy, primal elements of this “Queen of Flowers.” Egyptian Jasmine Absolute adds luxurious sensuality and is blended with Mimosa Provence Absolute, Orris Morocco and Ylang for softness and passionate warmth.According to the press release this super exciting because it meets up with taste of their middle east clients. 

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Aline C. said...

It kinda ticks me off when brands make things "for the middle eastern market". Remember that perfume that i think Max factor made for the region and they called it Khara. LOL so funnnyyy.
But I do like Estee Lauder, so I'm looking forward to shmeellinggg it :D