Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Christmas WishList

These are things that I wish for this christmas/ My Birthday. I was reasonable  this year I picked only 5 things .

1. balenciaga bag .. been wanting this bag as far I remember it is perfect classic bag that works for most of my outfits.

2. YSL teint resist... I obviously don't need another foundation. But I have been eyeing this one for while . It has amazing texture ,semi matt finish and stays on really. so it is great to feed my foundation addiction.

3. Tom Ford Black Orchid. it is probably one of my old time favorite perfumes . it has very unique scent. if people around me are wearing I can tell easily. I love it

4. Michael Kors watch : I bought this watch when I was in the US earlier this year.However it got stolen from my car in Jordan been wanting it so bad. very stylish watch .

5. Iphone 4S : I am technology junkie as well . I love my gadgets. I am using iphone 3GS and I wouldn't be with it . it is nice to the have iphone 4S it has amazing camera and obviously  Siri which actually might help me a lot at work !

What is your wish list ?!  

Love, Tamara 

1 comment:

Aline C. said...

ouu I love Tom Ford Black Orchid, amazing scent!
YEAY fellow person who wants a Balenciaga :D

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!!!