Thursday, December 1, 2011

Weleda Calendula soap Review

Ok . you guys know by now that I am obsessed with skin care . trying out cleansers is a hobby for me at this stage . Weleda is company that I always heard about . especially that a lot of celebrities are using it . like Simon Cowell .

Plus, Victoria beckham tweeted about few of their products. weleda is an organic all natural products and it is meant to be for sensitive skin. I was recommended this soap by my friend who is pharmacist  in big drugstore chain. she told me that it is a best seller in their store. That sold me I had to try it. 

After few months of using La roche posay skin care . My skin has been very good . No more ance , Not oily , No redness. my skin is normal, even and Healthy . although I use all La Roche posay skin . I kept using my trusty  Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser hand in hand with my clarisonic mia. 
How to you use :The soap has Mild smell ( That I not am going to try to explain ) but doesn't bother me . it lathers beautifully then I massage on to my wet face. then obviously I rinse . My skin feels very clean feel without that tightness . 
How do I know it cleans so well ?! the ultimate test is little of bioderma crealine on cotton pad . gently going all around my face. Nothing comes out on the pad no dirt no make up . that makes this saop amazing . 
Ingredients: it is vegetable based product. it packed with essential oils and plant extract . Calendula extract works as anti-viral, anti-genotoxic, and anti-inflammatory properties. which makes it perfect for acne treatment . 

This soap is recommended for young teens with acne. but I see it working for everyone . because how fabulous it moves make up . 

I am in love with soap been using it for over 10 days now , I bought more weleda products to try . stay tuned for more about their products . 

 try it and let me know 

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