Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Zara Became shoe heaven

I always admired Zara stores even when I always a little girl . I used to beg my mother to take me to Zara . it is very fashionable store which is great . when I walk in I can see fashion trends or things similar  to high fashion collections that I loved but can't afford. so the cloths are never boring at the store .
In past few days I went to Zara twice . but all I looked at was the shoes and fell in love with them . I picked up three pairs , but I was in love with many other .
I loved these pairs ..... 

But I picked up these three 

A perfect Nude heels . 

I love to hate to gilter shoes. but these ones are very reasonable . all back expect the heel area is gilter . very festive for the holidays .

I picked this everyday black boots . 

So next time you are shopping stop by Zara and check out the shoes ... 

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1 comment:

Tali said...

I hope you enjoy them and that they are comfortable!!
Also the dress you showed me on twitter is so beautiful! You will look like a princess for sure on your birthday! xx