Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August makeup Favorites 2012

Hey guys ! sorry I haven't post on the blog for a while . so I thought I would have a come back with  a monthly favorites . In the summer I don't normally wear make up in day time. let's face it girls it is too hot in the middle east. it will slide up for your face in seconds . it was all about skin care for me this summer and I am really happy with my routine . 

La Roche-Posay Effaclar H : Cleansing is very important step in my skin care routine. I always look out for good gentle cleansers for oily/ Acne prone skin . I am in love with the La Roche posay Effaclar line . it is amazing for sensitive skin and it does the job 100%. The texture of the cleanser is very soft and perfect for people with a lot of bumps and acne on the there face . it is soft /foam/mouse texture very delicate on the skin but most importantly it cleans deeply really well with out drying your skin out or it more sensitive than it is . Plus it melts away make up really well. that's why I love it . I use it once to remove my make up and another time to cleanse my skin . 

La Roche -Posay Effaclar K : Another La Roche product I searched high and low for this product here in palestine couldn't find it. Luckily , Early june I traveled to jordan for few days and I ran to  the pharmacy to check if they have it and they did . I bought tow of them because I knew I am going to love it . I read so many blog post and reviews about this product from my favorite beauty bloggers like Holly   . It says on packaging that it Daily renewal fluid and this exactly what it is . after one week on using it my skin color was more toned , I had less redness from acne scars ( now barley noticeable) But it did one more thing I didn't expect . I stopped getting break outs .. my skin has been clear all summer . However, living in the middle where it is hot, sunny, dry I highly recommend using this product at night because in my opinion it works better . 

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm : I love using this product on skin when my skin need a pick me up . when I am feeling tired or just my skin is dry form the heat . I used it either at night or under my make up which work perfectly because it brightens my skin and it makes the foundation guild easily on top . 

Lancome Primordiale lip skin recharge: I have really dry, flakey lips so I always use lip balm but this is different it way more than lip balm . it is smoothes my lips  , hydrates and it primes my lips before lipstick . 

Make up 

Vichy Dermablend foundation: I rediscovered this foundation in past few week. I love it flawless finish. I normally use this foundation as a blemish conceal because it is ful coverage but lately I got back to using it as foundation . The trick for using foundation is apply a little amounts ( it is extremely pigmented) and blending it with your fingers . I tried a lot brushes with foundation best flawless result was fingers. The heat of fingers breaks down the pigments in it and blends beautifully into the skin ...
Chanel perfection lumiere : In the summer I get invited to many social events like weddings . This foundation was my choice every-time . it is long wearing , Flawless finish, lightweight and photographs perfectly . 

Tom ford shade and illuminate: I call this product instant cheekbones because every time I contour with it . I create prefect high cheekbones and also I fix my nose a little. it is amazing product once blend it look natural seamless with the skin. it looks amazing in photography . especially the highlighter perfect shine on the cheeks  .

YSL Rouge pur couture number 17 : perfect bright coral for summer not mention amazing formula from ysl creamy long lasting and doesn't dry out my lips .

YSL Glossy Stain in number 10: This formula has amazing technology . there is nothing like it on the market . first when you apply it feels like a gloss but it dries on the lips quickly leaving them stained with the color, glossy and not drying like the rest of the stains on the market . I really  want more colors from this formula maybe nudes and pinks because it is something perfect for work because you don't need to reapply. it stays put for hours .

Mac lipstick in Ravishing : it is a wearable orangey color this is the beast way I can describe it . I like for everyday make up and I used it a lot in the past month . 

Lancome fever gloss in Solaire : I normally hate glosses but I like the Fever gloss they are not sticky they have nice color and pigment you don't need a lipstick underneath , This color is nice orangey/ coral that also enjoyed using this month . 

Nail polishes 

I am loving this brand golden Rose . it is Turkish brand available everywhere in palestine the nail polish are cheap and amazing for the price . they have a fabulous color collection . I choose the three in the picture as my monthly favs but I have many more . but what I hate about them is the nail polishes don't have numbers or names. 

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