Saturday, September 29, 2012

SkinCare : Estee' Lauder Advanced Night Repair

I love sharing with you guys my beauty secrets and I consider this product one of them. when it comes to skin I follow the rule " listen your skin" Especially for my night skin care routine whatever my skin needs for example if my skin is dehydrated  or I have break outs I use different Products . however this products is pure skin pampering that's what I call it . It does wonders for my skin 
  • It helps to extra hydrate my skin 
  • it helps with discoloration 
  • it helps to heal acne 
  • it brightnes the skin 
  • it helps to prevent wrinkles

you can see now why I love it so much . I love to use this product at night . it helps correct my skin especially if I have acne scares. when I get a break out it goes after 24/48 hours but the redness spot won't go way . This is serum makes it just go way as simple as take .

How do I use it ?! Like I said before I use it at night for a week before moisturizer  . which will totally repair my skin and helps recover from spots , discoloration etc .
Another way to use is apply it to prep your face before make up on especial days when you feel tired and you need a pick me up .Also like to use when I feel that my skin is extra Dehydrated from the acne treatments .
Tip: The only I have to mention about this product that I noticed after using for almost tow years . that you can't use it a lot on your skin. because your skin  gets used to it and I won't work as good .

                   Do you like to use serums  ?! Which is your favorite ?! 

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