Wednesday, March 6, 2013

L'Occitane Rice Clarifying Mask

Hello Lovelies , Last I had a business Trip in Amman, Jordan for few days  however I managed a little shopping in my short stay . I was supper delighted when I saw L'Occitane Boutique in Taj Mall.  L'Occitane is one of the brands that I am always interested in trying products from. for mainly tow reasons. The first one is L'Occitane  makes high quietly natural beauty products and the second reason is they are very open about their ingredients . 
For the past 3 years I was extremely careful of what I use on skin . Most of skin care is either 100% natural or doesn't have any harmful ingredients like parabens. As a result I was very happy with spotless glowly skin. but I still have oily and acne prone skin but I have it under control . 
when I walked into the store I told that staff I have oily skin/ acne prone , he suggested for me to try this mask.  This mask is suppose to deep clean your skin from imprecations and help with oily control/break outs  and that's exactly what it does . 
How to use : The mask has cream/ clay texture goes on skin very smooth it sinks into the skin pretty quickly when it dry it doesn't be become too harsh like other clay masks (P.S it has a pleasant smell) . after 10 minutes I rinse it off with water . it gives clean fresh effect immediately. almost the same effect of an exfoliate .
I love using this mask one or twice a week before showering  . it keeps my skin super clean because I wear a lot of make up. I need every little help to prevent break outs . This one does the job . 
Plus, I love using this product when I am getting ready to go to an event  (party/wedding) it prepares my skin for clean smooth application of make up and I feel less oily after using it  . 
I recommend this mask for women/men who have acne prone skin . let's say imperfection skin in general . 
Over all I love the product it really works , I want to try more stuff from the Rice range and the brand L'Occitane ... any suggestions ?! 

XO Tamara 

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