Monday, November 28, 2011

november favorites

This I am in love with 
La Roche-posay Toleriane fluid - you guys all know by now that I am sucker for la Roche Posay skin care. I just love it . This product is meant to be for oily skin that need to treated and protected. it is very light fluid goes into the skin very quickly and it creates layer to protect the skin . perfect for under make up because it acts like a primer Also because it is for oily skin it keeps me matt . 

Neutrogena healthy skin foundation - I was bored from my foundations as usual . I wanted to try something new . I remembered that few months back when I was in the USA I picked up this foundation . The only reason the I bought it is because I saw amazing reviews on youtube comparing it to Nars sheer glow. I am not sure if it is an exact dupe but this make up is absolutely great . Medium coverage. goes on smoothly. it looks like skin on. (very natural finish) and it latest pretty well on the skin and it is only 14$. 

Make up Forever aqua cream - This is one product that I use everyday no matter what I make up . sometimes I would wear it on it is own . but most of the time it will be a perfect primer for any shadow. Plus it is water proof , it doesn't move . I want to pick up more colors . 

CoverGirl lash blast & Great lash mascara by maybelline . been using these tow to create full volume lashes. 

Lancome Artliner - The easiest eyeliner to use .. latest all day 

17- Mirror shine lipstick in bee hive 

Golden Rose - lipstick in 98 ( if you guys are nude lipstick addicts this is the one to hunt down . Perfect color) 

Burt's Bee's -  lip shimmer in watermelon. love the color it keeps my lips hydrated .

Shu uemura lash curler - I won't be with out these lash curlers they are amazing . my eyes look instantly open . makes applying mascara easier .

What are your Favorites for this month ?!  

Harvey Nichols - The Reaction Collection

I am really love these Ads for Harvey Nichols dubai . Very creative from Y&R team Dubai . 

Friday, November 25, 2011

FOTD: with my puppy

Took this quick photos with photobooth, I really love this make lately . 

I used bourjois healthy mix concealer under the eyes and where I need it , then I buffed in Esste' lauder double wear powder foundation . on the eyes I have Makeup forever aqua cream in 13 and lancome art-liner in black , black Maybelline mascara .
on the cheeks I had Bourjois bonzer and NYX blush in peach, finally on the lips I had a little lipstick Revlon in soft nude .

Thank you   

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More Photos from Holon Fashion week

Zac Posen speaking in day 1 

In these three pictures are fabric made out Swaroski , I died a little touching these Fabrics

Metal Textiles 

Imran Amed  Co founder and editor of business of fashion. who check on this phone that I tweet him back :) 

More Zac Talking and answering questions .. We was so sweet :) 

Tamara loves: Sophia Grace and Rosie

They make me laugh, I love them :) 
hope you do too 

Blake lively in Elie Saab

I love love love Elie saab ! I love love love blake .. I just adored this look :) The suit was from Elie Saab Spring 2012 

Wood Mystique by Estee Lauder

Estee' Lauder is realeasing perfume exclusively for them middle east market . Estée Lauder Wood Mystique begins with brilliance as Rose Distilled and Peony petals wrap the dazzling spiciness of Pink Pepper. (..) Precious Rose de Mai Absolute, sourced from Grasse and extremely costly, blooms throughout the heart with exceptional clarity. A Rose Infusion imparts the earthy, primal elements of this “Queen of Flowers.” Egyptian Jasmine Absolute adds luxurious sensuality and is blended with Mimosa Provence Absolute, Orris Morocco and Ylang for softness and passionate warmth.According to the press release this super exciting because it meets up with taste of their middle east clients. 

Benetton: Unhate

As palestinian I never understood politics and I will never do, All I know is we have shitty leaders. they look good in suits and they pretend to be nice . We are all humans we can live together no hate .
Benetton Ads suggest a beautiful solutions lets kiss and make up :) .

Make love , Not War  

Monday, November 21, 2011

Versace for h&m

I must Say that I was super excited when I heard the news few months back about this collaboration. I loved Versace as far as I remembered. Especially all Gianni Versace original designs from the early 90's . When I saw the collection I got more excited because it was the best of Versace and it had that glamour of Gianni that miami  life style with big golden accessories and the amazing prints that I am obsessed with .

The collecting looked promising in the show, the best part it was available to everyone . On 17 November me and my mother at 9 am left to go to H&M Tel aviv . we arrived at 10 and the was only opened for 30 minuets . the line had about 70 people waiting . After tow hours of waiting a sales person came out and told me the collection was almost sold out ! I was mad because I really wanted the leather jacket .
However, I stayed in line for another hour ( line was too slow) and go in and H&M told us we have 5 minutes to pick out what we want. so I just grabbed whatever looked ok to me 

I  must say I loved the bags . very fabulous . so in five minutes me and my mother had to pick up few pieces. The purple dress which I picked out for me I liked it. after 3 hours of waiting I was luck to find one dress left. I normally wear size 34 to be safe I picked up 36 . The line for changing room was huge so I tried them for the first time at home . It was too small from bust area . and I wasn't thrilled with quietly too . The dress costs 600 ILS which is about 180$ .
After 48 hours of thinking I returned the dress . 

 The second dress I got for my sister , as soon as she tried it on the zipper ripped . so I had to return that too. again the quietly wasn't amazing for the price.

 However, I got the shoes and Thank god I did because I love them and they are right up my street .

I couldn't say no to Hot pink belt . 

 I got these leggings. they weren't my first choice but I like them 

 So all in all , The collection had really nice . Not a big fan of the dresses but everything else was great .
It was a fashion moment that I had to be part of .