Thursday, November 25, 2010

New skin care items

I always love trying to new skin care and what I found out works best is products for sensitive skin although I have acne and scaring but it seems to work best .
So I have been trying these tow products for the past two weeks so far I love them both .
The frost one is A-derma EPTTELIAL A.H which is a cream for face and body for damaged skin . What I like about it it hydrates a lot with out a greasy feeling and repairs the skin .after using for tow weeks my skin feel less oily ( now it is diffenently normal skin ) scars and disappearing so that means less redness on cheeks which is my problem area .
A-Derma is french drugstore brand that targets very sensitive skin or treated skin my dermatologist recommend this brand few times for me when I was go throw extremely bad skin days .
The second product is lancome bienfait UV super facial sunscreen . Since I was 13 I have been applying sunscreen of my face and when I got older it became my obsession to find the perfect one . I found many but I love changing every now and then . This product is custom to sensitive skin and it is fast absorbing light weight,matt finish . Which makes it a perfect for me and it goes amazing under my make up . Oops did I mention that it is SPF of 50 and it protects from UVB and UVA .moreover it is great for holiday because it is water resistant .
What is your favourite face cream and sunscreen ?!

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Rimmel Neutral Favorite lipsticks

When it comes to make up I collect usually foundations and lipsticks the most. I am definitely Neutral lipstick kinda girl.. I am not in love with nude beige lipstick I am too pale and they don't suit me .
I discovered these Rimmel gorgeous colors that I thought i would share with world and I must say I am very impressed !

I have always been a little of lipstick snob always in love with my Estee' lauder or lancome lipsticks but I must these are just as good the colors go on amazing nicely pigmented, very soft and moisturizing.
I love these neutral colors that go with fall season ( although since this fall I am in Palestine it is still summer ). But these are going to be my work slap on lips . Very easy colors to wear for everyday .

so these my fav  Rimmel lipsticks. what are yours ?!  

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Haifa's make up

Haifa Wehbe is gorgeous Lebanese pop star I'm not really sure about her talents  But the women can pull off make up looks there is even a lipstick named after her . Haifa started as model , she got famous for her strong arabic smoking eyes that a great lebanese make up artist Bassam fattouh . She is the middle east baby doll everybody wants to look like her and she is admired by both women and men .
Bassam Fattouh became more and more famous with her getting more and more famous for her look . Now new launched his make up line and named a lipstick after her , his line as far I  as i know is available is must countries in the middle east.

Most of the make used on haifa is clarins, according to her make up artist . 
Check out her latest music video and how fab is her make up 

Another video by MissChievous
she did an amazing tutorials on one of her looks  

Another Make up video and much easier to do from tanya 

Mad Men : Sixties Fashion never dies

If you guys don't know know already Im Graphic designer as far as I remember, I was obsessed with pop culture fashion and advertising . However the sixties was my favorite period . I love everything about that time from fashion make up and the way people dressed and Behaved . So naturally Mad men is my favorite T.V show .it is mix of everything I adore and feel passionate about in that time  and Not to mention the amazing writing
The T.V show is beautifully done and very accurate representation and even the advertising campaigns that they bring up in the show. I came across  these beautiful  images from show that should be shared.