Monday, June 14, 2010

Stila !

two things that I got from stila from tg hughes  and they were each 6 Pounds amazing deal , so I got the stila illuminating tinted moisturizer and the eyeshadow quad in Marrakech  .  I am still trying them out .. when I have clear picture about them I will post a review ... 

New Flat shoes ....

I never liked primark , but i pooped into to check it out and fell in love the shoes they were so cheap I couldn't resist it .... so here they are .....

In love with crabtree and evelyn

few weeks ago I was away on mini holiday to Scotland . I run out of my shower gel on the road so  stopped into crabtree and evelyn which I never heard of it before . but I fell in love with most of products and it took e a while to figure out what I want to get . Since I have very sensitive skin I had to go for oils section of the store . oils are amazing for skin the lock the moisture in so they don't irritate the skin .
Boy I was right , product this amazing for me . The shower gel is very gentle with soft Jojoba smell but not at all greasy as you think an oil based shower gel would be .
The body lotion is something . if i could i would buy for the rest of my life and I made everyone is my life hocked on it . it is one of the best lotions I have ever came across , it is very liquidly and absorb  into the skin fast and it is leaves it shinny and very moist for at least 24 hours plus it feels very luxurious  ... for me it is like  putting water on dry bread .  what is surprising it also helped with healing process of my eczema .
so yes I am in love !

Thursday, June 10, 2010

So i bought more make up ..........

I picked up few things through out the last few weeks , I got ...
1.Chanel bronze universal which totally in love with. it is so natural on my skin  it blends in beautifully . however i used it only as i bronzer on my cheeks but i really want to try to use it  as a base .
2. boots vanishing cream that i hared so much about from Tali ( I love her taste ) that she has sensitive skin too, so it was no brainer to get when it was on sale in boots for three pounds , I used it few time and i really like it , but Im loyal to my Cetaphill Lotion .
3. too faced candlelight , I have been looking for a good powder high lighter for ages , I know that alot of people like The Mac MSFs but evertime i go to check them out i panic .. all i see the shimmer , for me it is too much . but too faced candlelight it is translucent powder with nice rush of gold highlight . it is amazing I have been using it ever since i got it .
4. maybelline soft and full mascara ,  there is nothing special about this mascara compare to my lancome hypnose which is my favorite .

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer ,I need healthy skin

Summmmer is here , I waited so long for june, it was really cruel winter in the Uk, which makes miss home even more  (Palestine). I have been away form my blog due to a lot of uni work . however, I fully committed  to keep updating as much as I can .
Healthy Skin , everyone is trying to get it , but for me it is extra hard because I have very sensitive skin that it is easily gets irritated and up top of that i have really bad acne . Finding a product that works for my skin is not that big of a problem because there are so many products on the market and I am willing to spend the money on it , my skin is number one to me . however the problem with my skin is after using a product that might actually work for 4-6 weeks it backfires . it will just stop working for my skin  for some reason .
In April my acne got so bad, it would never go away . I was fed up from it and I hate covering it and caking foundation on top. so i decided to get back to basics , which actually what my  dermatologist recommended for me to use ages ago .

My skin care for this month was Cetaphill Cleanser and lotion , Oxy Anti-spot  blam,  7days scrub cream and my favorite thing now the body shop facial buffer .
This routine saved my life , is gentle enough on skin and powerful enough on my acne , I would use the scrub at night to remove my make up , then I would put of the cetaphill cleanser on the buffer  and massage on my face and it is s gentle. Next step I will apple very generous amount of the Oxy anti spot afterwords i will follow it with Cetaphill lotion which i use on my body too.  ..... and I am happy to say now Im acne free ....But Im not acne scaring free yet... I hope that this routine will fed it away .