Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011 (FULL)

In case you missed it .. The full Victoria Secret Fashion show

My Christmas WishList

These are things that I wish for this christmas/ My Birthday. I was reasonable  this year I picked only 5 things .

1. balenciaga bag .. been wanting this bag as far I remember it is perfect classic bag that works for most of my outfits.

2. YSL teint resist... I obviously don't need another foundation. But I have been eyeing this one for while . It has amazing texture ,semi matt finish and stays on really. so it is great to feed my foundation addiction.

3. Tom Ford Black Orchid. it is probably one of my old time favorite perfumes . it has very unique scent. if people around me are wearing I can tell easily. I love it

4. Michael Kors watch : I bought this watch when I was in the US earlier this year.However it got stolen from my car in Jordan been wanting it so bad. very stylish watch .

5. Iphone 4S : I am technology junkie as well . I love my gadgets. I am using iphone 3GS and I wouldn't be with it . it is nice to the have iphone 4S it has amazing camera and obviously  Siri which actually might help me a lot at work !

What is your wish list ?!  

Love, Tamara 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Fav. Kate Moss International Vogue Covers

VOGUE Paris - January 2012. 

VOGUE CHINA - December 2008. 

VOGUE CHINA - January 2006. 

VOGUE SPAIN - September 2008. 

VOGUE JAPAN - May 2011. 

VOGUE MEXICO - July 2009. 

VOGUE JAPAN - February 2008. 

VOGUE JAPAN - July 2009. 

VOGUE PARIS - December 2001. 

VOGUE PARIS - December 2005. 

VOGUE PARIS - December 2009. 

VOGUE PARIS - February 2008. 

VOGUE PARIS - February 2001: Carine Roitfeld's first cover as editor. 

VOGUE PARIS - January 2006. 

VOGUE PARIS - May 2011. 

VOGUE RUSSIA - September 2009. 

BRITISH VOGUE - April 2007. 

BRITISH VOGUE - April 2010. 

BRITISH VOGUE - September 2006. 

BRITISH VOGUE - September 2009. 

VOGUE PARIS - November 2004. 

BRITISH VOGUE - April 1999. 
BRITISH VOGUE - April 1996. 

BRITISH VOGUE - December 2000. 

BRITISH VOGUE - December 1994. 

BRITISH VOGUE - February 2000. 

BRITISH VOGUE - June 2006. 

BRITISH VOGUE - June 1998. 

BRITISH VOGUE - March 2006. 

BRITISH VOGUE - March 2000. 

BRITISH VOGUE - November 1998. 

RITISH VOGUE - October 1995. 

BRITISH VOGUE - September 2004. 

BRITISH VOGUE - September 2010. 

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John Lewis Christmas Advert 2011

I just love this Ad I can't wait for Christmas day :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lea Michele in Valentino

Lea looked stunning in Valentino on her movie premiere "New year's eve" 

Zara Became shoe heaven

I always admired Zara stores even when I always a little girl . I used to beg my mother to take me to Zara . it is very fashionable store which is great . when I walk in I can see fashion trends or things similar  to high fashion collections that I loved but can't afford. so the cloths are never boring at the store .
In past few days I went to Zara twice . but all I looked at was the shoes and fell in love with them . I picked up three pairs , but I was in love with many other .
I loved these pairs ..... 

But I picked up these three 

A perfect Nude heels . 

I love to hate to gilter shoes. but these ones are very reasonable . all back expect the heel area is gilter . very festive for the holidays .

I picked this everyday black boots . 

So next time you are shopping stop by Zara and check out the shoes ... 

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