Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Men's Fashion - John Varvatos

I must say , I a bit superficial, I love to see well dressed men . Men around me here (palestine ) don't experiment or try to follow fashion trends and most importantly they dont have sense of style ( they are brave enough I guess). it is always that jeans and t-shirt never forgetting aviators sunglasses .
John Varavtos is probably one of my favorite men's designer. he designs with great style for the modern men on the go , I really I adore his layered style with a lot of pieces that makes them very versatile to wear. Mixing of the fabrics is really the key of his collection that makes simple design look very attractive .
                      Here are some picture of his 2011 spring runway in milan show

Men with style . what are your favorite men fashion designer ?1

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

la roche posay Cleansing Gel

la roche posay is brand that I have seen in pharmacies around as far as I remember . This brand makes products for sensitive or treated skin which is great because the properties of the product  are actually really beneficial for the skin doesn't  irritate at all for a great price . Plus you can find them in drug store .
I have sensitive acne prone skin . After I tried every single acne cleanser on the market from clinque to proactive to neutrogena. I found out these cleanser are just too strong on any skin (even oily) . These product don't really help with spots and make the rest of my skin red or very dry . 
After a quick visit to dermatologist in USA, he recommend Cetaphil gentle cleanser which made complete sense who needs harsh properties on their face . Cetaphil is great cleanser but sometimes I think it doesn't remove make up very well. which me explore little bit with gentle cleansers. 
la roche posay Cleansing Gel is latest obsession it feels very soft on the skin and it melts away make up better than any other gentle cleanser  I have ever used . I like to use  it with my body shop facial buffer to make sure that all make up is removed and also it works as a gentle exfoliator . 
My skin is loving  this cleanser , it is very balancing . I am feeling the a difference since been using it . smoother, brighter , toned skin . :)  

what is your favorite gentle cleanser people ?! 

Monday, December 6, 2010


<3 Foundation Vichy Dermablend 
<3 Chanel bronze universal
<3 MAC cream blush lillycent
<3 MAC Prep+prime 
<3 MAC MSF By candle light 
 <3Lancome Pop cherub eye shadow palette ( peach and brown shades)
<3 Sleek get linner in black 
<3 L'Ore'al Volume million lashes 
<3 little foundation and carmex 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

November Favorites!

These are the  lovely products that stood out to me this month 
1. Lancome Teint miracle faoundation : I have been dying to get my hands on this  since I saw the ads for it  and it didn't let me down at all . Very light weight you need a little as a pump it coves really well with out that mask effect . I have been applying it using my fingers or my MAC 188 . it is very long lasting . 
2.Vichy Dermablend corrective foundation : this product is amazing when I have bad skin days. It is so pigmented that you need tinny bit to cover anything on your skin. mostly I used it concealer with my lancome foundation or as foundation , I am happy with it either way .
3.Lancome Teint Idole ultra compact powder foundation  that use for touch up or set my foundation when I need flawless face look.
4.MAC Prep+Prime it is great for setting my foundation with out heavy  coverage . it is just works and it is easy .
5.Urban Decay Brow Box :  it stay on perfectly. I mix the tow colors to get perfect color to match me.
6. MAC Harmony powder blush : this my contour color for this month . it was really hard for to figure out how to use it because it really dark and I am  very fair skinned but I discovered that it looks best when applied with the 187 brush .   
7.MeMeMe blush me in Coral . gorgeous orange color  look great on the apples of the cheek .
8. Rimmel lipstick in foxy : peachy nude very easy to wear
9. MAC perennial high style lipgloss . great peach coral gloss.
10. A-Derma creme reparatrice which an amazing moisturizer for damaged skin it repairs the skin and i adore it ! 
11. Lancome bienfait UV SPF 50+ love this sun block . it is just perfect for my skin and my life style 
these where my favorites with some of my thoughts on them what where were yours ?! 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

New skin care items

I always love trying to new skin care and what I found out works best is products for sensitive skin although I have acne and scaring but it seems to work best .
So I have been trying these tow products for the past two weeks so far I love them both .
The frost one is A-derma EPTTELIAL A.H which is a cream for face and body for damaged skin . What I like about it it hydrates a lot with out a greasy feeling and repairs the skin .after using for tow weeks my skin feel less oily ( now it is diffenently normal skin ) scars and disappearing so that means less redness on cheeks which is my problem area .
A-Derma is french drugstore brand that targets very sensitive skin or treated skin my dermatologist recommend this brand few times for me when I was go throw extremely bad skin days .
The second product is lancome bienfait UV super facial sunscreen . Since I was 13 I have been applying sunscreen of my face and when I got older it became my obsession to find the perfect one . I found many but I love changing every now and then . This product is custom to sensitive skin and it is fast absorbing light weight,matt finish . Which makes it a perfect for me and it goes amazing under my make up . Oops did I mention that it is SPF of 50 and it protects from UVB and UVA .moreover it is great for holiday because it is water resistant .
What is your favourite face cream and sunscreen ?!

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Rimmel Neutral Favorite lipsticks

When it comes to make up I collect usually foundations and lipsticks the most. I am definitely Neutral lipstick kinda girl.. I am not in love with nude beige lipstick I am too pale and they don't suit me .
I discovered these Rimmel gorgeous colors that I thought i would share with world and I must say I am very impressed !

I have always been a little of lipstick snob always in love with my Estee' lauder or lancome lipsticks but I must these are just as good the colors go on amazing nicely pigmented, very soft and moisturizing.
I love these neutral colors that go with fall season ( although since this fall I am in Palestine it is still summer ). But these are going to be my work slap on lips . Very easy colors to wear for everyday .

so these my fav  Rimmel lipsticks. what are yours ?!  

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Haifa's make up

Haifa Wehbe is gorgeous Lebanese pop star I'm not really sure about her talents  But the women can pull off make up looks there is even a lipstick named after her . Haifa started as model , she got famous for her strong arabic smoking eyes that a great lebanese make up artist Bassam fattouh . She is the middle east baby doll everybody wants to look like her and she is admired by both women and men .
Bassam Fattouh became more and more famous with her getting more and more famous for her look . Now new launched his make up line and named a lipstick after her , his line as far I  as i know is available is must countries in the middle east.

Most of the make used on haifa is clarins, according to her make up artist . 
Check out her latest music video and how fab is her make up 

Another video by MissChievous
she did an amazing tutorials on one of her looks  

Another Make up video and much easier to do from tanya 

Mad Men : Sixties Fashion never dies

If you guys don't know know already Im Graphic designer as far as I remember, I was obsessed with pop culture fashion and advertising . However the sixties was my favorite period . I love everything about that time from fashion make up and the way people dressed and Behaved . So naturally Mad men is my favorite T.V show .it is mix of everything I adore and feel passionate about in that time  and Not to mention the amazing writing
The T.V show is beautifully done and very accurate representation and even the advertising campaigns that they bring up in the show. I came across  these beautiful  images from show that should be shared.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Oily skin Rescue : Lancome PURE EMPREINTE MASQUE

I must say Im obsessed with finding good skin care products and maybe I tried too many that I can't tell difference or just I don't see it at all. but this mask has been in and out of skin care routine for 2 years  at some point .
This mask comes out as white cream it blend in the skin really easy however it dries really fast , it transforms in to hard rock clay mask . I really love that feel of the hard clay cause some how makes me believe that it is working. it should be left on the face from 5 to 10 minutes  . this mask purifying for deep cleansing and it really does what it says but I used it in many different ways First as a spot treatment ; when I have huge red spot I apply a tinny bit on it at night and in the morning the redness with disappear 
Moreover, I love to use it as face wash when i feel my skin is extra sensitive because it is purifying and b the clay factor in it makes my skin matt and has fresh feel .
But still the best way to use it as mask , if you have oily skin this is magical .In days when my skin is extra oily or has too many break outs I put it and I can see the difference as soon as I wash my face .Not only it washes away all the oils the affect of it stay on it keeps me clean and matt for at least another 12 hours for oily skinned people this might be magic .
But sometimes I cheat a little to get the most of the product. what I do is I apply it all over my face and neck and i sleep in it the morning my face feels like i just had a facial  no oil no red and it definitely   minimizes pores .

Stila illuminating tinted moisturizer SPF

After my good skin care challenge. Now I’m acne free, less oily and 70 % less scaring on my face. Naturally I'm enjoying my healthy skin . So, I'm trying not use foundation and embrace my natural skin but I also  love a little coverage so I’m trying out few tinted moisturizers or light foundations
The stila illuminating tint moisturizer is very sheer ( it is sheerer even than most tinted moisturizers) but it is full of light elective particles it makes the skin  glows (at least on my skin) .It is almost like apply golden highlighter all over but it look lovely . 

Pros : very natural on the skin ,
very glowy it will brighten up the face
your skin never dull when you are wearing it
it has SPF of 15
it stays on really well

Cons: it is too hot, it might come across as oily
It defiantly needs powder to set especially in the tee zone
( bare in mind I have oily skin ) .
it is very sheer , it hardly evens out the skin

I will keep using  this product only when I have really good skin day , when I don't feel like wearing 
too much make up .

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fresh bronze/peach face

A very Bronzy summery look that I have been rocking the last few days ...
* Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions , still loving it for flawless finish
* chanel bronze universal ... to Bronze and contour my face .
* Mac Lilicent Blush Creme
* ME ME ME  Beat the blues for highlight .
* As a base I have Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Bakes all the over my lid and on my waterline .
* Barry M Dazzle Dust in number 39 All over the lid
* In the outer corner I Have fashion forwaed eye shadow From Lancome Color design pop Cherub Palette
* In the inner corner  and as brow highlight I have nyx Aloha
* False Lash Effect Mascara in brown from Max Factor .
*On the lips I have only Revlon peach petal lip gloss .

Monday, June 14, 2010

Stila !

two things that I got from stila from tg hughes  and they were each 6 Pounds amazing deal , so I got the stila illuminating tinted moisturizer and the eyeshadow quad in Marrakech  .  I am still trying them out .. when I have clear picture about them I will post a review ... 

New Flat shoes ....

I never liked primark , but i pooped into to check it out and fell in love the shoes they were so cheap I couldn't resist it .... so here they are .....

In love with crabtree and evelyn

few weeks ago I was away on mini holiday to Scotland . I run out of my shower gel on the road so  stopped into crabtree and evelyn which I never heard of it before . but I fell in love with most of products and it took e a while to figure out what I want to get . Since I have very sensitive skin I had to go for oils section of the store . oils are amazing for skin the lock the moisture in so they don't irritate the skin .
Boy I was right , product this amazing for me . The shower gel is very gentle with soft Jojoba smell but not at all greasy as you think an oil based shower gel would be .
The body lotion is something . if i could i would buy for the rest of my life and I made everyone is my life hocked on it . it is one of the best lotions I have ever came across , it is very liquidly and absorb  into the skin fast and it is leaves it shinny and very moist for at least 24 hours plus it feels very luxurious  ... for me it is like  putting water on dry bread .  what is surprising it also helped with healing process of my eczema .
so yes I am in love !